This adorable one year old is Braeden!!  Hard to believe he is already ONE!! :)  Oh how time flies!

This session was so much fun, we had CAKE....that in itself makes it a great session, right?! :) I always have fun with this family and this session didn't lack of fun! :)  Big sister Emily definitely added to the laughter (which I love)!!! :)  She's such a cutie!!  Braeden enjoyed the cake...even though I think he was almost more fascinated with the high chair I brought for him to sit in!! :)  It was so fun watching/capturing him dive into the cake and turn blue in front of us...literally - it was the icing!! Whoops!!! :)

Lisa & Ryan - it was great being able to capture your adroable munchkins, hope you enjoy the photos!!! :)

IMG_0049 IMG_0060 IMG_0084 IMG_0086 IMG_0105 IMG_0113 IMG_0147 IMG_0148 IMG_0157 IMG_0188 IMG_0222 IMG_0212 IMG_0251 IMG_0257 IMG_0281 IMG_0301 IMG_0424 IMG_0444 IMG_0457 IMG_0467 IMG_0478 IMG_0487 IMG_0489 IMG_0502 IMG_0527 IMG_0536 IMG_0542 IMG_0561 IMG_0566 IMG_0574 IMG_0588 IMG_0590


It's the LONG WEEKEND!!!! Now that you've seen these adorable kids.....head outside and catch some rays before summer is gone!!! :)