My niece, Rebekah graduated this past school year and I had the honor of spending her graduation day with her.  We started the day off by grabbing some Starbucks, next we went to get her hair done (by my amazing friend and hairdresser, Melissa) and then she had her makeup done (at MAC St. Vital)!  It was a really fun day filled with tons of laughter, smiles, serious faces, wardrobe changes and MANY photos were taken!!! :)

SERIOUSLY....I'm an auntie of an 18 year old!! WHAT...when did that happen! LoL!! :)  I'm super blessed to have 8 amazing nieces and nephew (ranging in age from 5-18)....they definitely keep me feeling young (which I totally am, LoL)!! :)

Rebekah, I had an amazing day with are absolutely beautiful, inside and out....don't you ever forget that!! ♥   I'm SOOO excited to see what God is going to do in your life over this next year as you attend Springs College, you are going to be forever changed!!  It's going to be amazing!!!  I'm super pumped for you to start this amazing new chapter in your life!!!  I hope that you love your photos as much as I do (thanks for your patience)!!! :)  Love you TONS!!!   xoxo ♥

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