I have never been big into writing (talking, yes...haha)! That may be why I love photography! Photos tell their own story, no written words needed. I have struggled with blogging for years now, I always have good intentions but never follow through. :( So this is a fairly personal post.....but I'm so happy to share what's been happening in my heart and life lately regarding my business!  Over the past year I have been praying and thinking about what is next for my business.... It's amazing how God gives you clarify when you ask for guidance and leave it in His hands. I decided to hand my business off to Him, TRUST that He is going to provide and show me what's next.

I have decided to step away from shooting weddings (gasp)!!! I absolutely love weddings but I have never fully felt that this was the direction that I was intended to go! Am I capable of shooting weddings, absolutely! My passion is just not in shooting weddings! When I finally admitted (to myself and a few close friends) that my passion lies in portrait photography (newborns, toddlers, kids, families, maternity) it was amazing how many portrait session inquiries I received! Literally minutes after telling a friend what my plan was, I received a newborn/maternity session inquiry!! No joke!! LoL!!! And then not even 12 hours later another! I believe this is just the beginning of GREAT things in my life and business!!

I am completely in awe of how when you put your trust in God, He blesses you (immensely)!!! I seriously can't stop smiling....and it sorta makes me wanna cry (tears of joy....LoL, me eyes are tearing up writing this). WoW! I cannot believe how vulnerable I am being here.....ahh......I love it!!!! Seriously, I am not the same person I was a year ago!!! I have grown so much, I just have this overflowing joy when I think about it!!!

This is such a different post from than any others I've ever done (it has words, LoL!). I've been wanting to share this for a while....well now it's out! :) I seriously couldn't do any of this without God and the support of all the amazing (encouraging) people in my life (xoxo)!! I hope to share more with you in the coming months, I will be making a bunch of changes/updates so stay tuned!!!

Ok, so this blog post wouldn't be complete without a photo right?!  I started to write this post a few months ago while on my flight from Winnipeg to Toronto (then off to Philadelphia) so I may as well share a photo I took on my trip (more trip photos to come at a later date)! :)

Have a super blessed day!!

xoxo, ~alvina :) :)

8F3A9908NYC Skyline from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck on the Rockefeller Center