This is my cousin Sara and her husband, Dave along with their HILARIOUS boys and precious little girl.  This was such a FUN session, my stomach was hurting from SOOO much laughter! LoL! :)  These boys are such a blast....but they are not just all fun and games, they're super sweet.  Seeing them interact with their little sister was sooooo adorable!  This little girl is so loved and protected by these boys, she's one blessed little sister! :)

Sara & Dave, thanks so much for having me capture your beautiful family....and thanks for making the trip out in my direction for the session! :)  I had a blast hanging out with your family that day!! ;)  Enjoy your photos!! xoxo

IMG_1126 IMG_1131 IMG_1148 IMG_1158 IMG_1170 IMG_1178 IMG_1209 IMG_1221 IMG_1231 IMG_1258

This kid cracks me up! When it was just him + I, he was such a little model! LoL!! So stinkin' cute!IMG_1245 IMG_1279 IMG_1285 IMG_1291 IMG_1289 IMG_1299 IMG_1329 IMG_1399 IMG_1406 IMG_1440 IMG_1536

I brought some stick-on mustaches and fun glasses for the kids to do some goofy photos....well I think it was a hit!!  These next few photo crack me up every time I see them! :)IMG_1555 IMG_1564 IMG_1588 IMG_1591 IMG_1618