WOW, 2013 has been an absolutely amazing year!!  So many incredible things have taken place!!!!  I've been looking through all the photos from the sessions I shot this year.... I am incredibly blessed with so many amazing clients! :)

This past year has got to be my favorite year thus far in my business and person life!!  I had a lot of sessions....newborn, portrait, maternity, family, a wedding, second shot a bunch of weddings with a dear friend and amazing photographer....oh and I also second shot a wedding on the beach in New Jersey!!!! :)  Almost forgot, back in February I planned a Styled Wedding Shoot with an friend (Jessica from With a Flourish) and we got featured on Wedding Obsession! :)

This year has brought a lot of great adventures/changes to my life.  In May, I went to Philadelphia to visit a friend and I got to second shoot a wedding with her...then we traveled by train to New York City (still need to post those photos)!!!  I also started volunteering on two more amazing teams at my church (Springs Church).... which has been so incredible, I love volunteering.  Together with my sister in law, I started the Biblical Studies course that our church offers, best-decision!!   It's been so amazing meeting so many new people and making some incredible new friends!! :)  In October, I was able to attend two conferences back to back.  My mom, two sister inlaws and I attended the Women of Faith Conference in St. Paul, was simply amazing, forever changed!! :)  That same week, I was able to volunteer at my church's conference, Springs Conference!!  I feel like I have grown immensely in my faith and as a person during this past's been an adventure that's for sure!!!

I feel so VERY blessed to be where I am in my life right now.  I've had an amazing year in my business and personal life.  I have the most amazing clients and the most incredible family and friends!!  Blessed beyond measure!! ;)  2013 was a rocking GREAT year....2014 is going to be even better!!   I cannot wait for this amazing adventure to continue....amazing things are coming!!!  I'm so ready for this new 365 page book of life to begin!!!  I'm beyond excited to see what God has planned.

Wishing you and yours a phenomenal 2014, filled with tons of love and laughter!!!!! :) ♥

xoxo ~alvina

Here's some photos from this past years sessions! :)


(With a Flourish wedding show booth)


(styled Winter Wedding Shoot)

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Above is my niece....she GRADUATED!!! Ahhhh!!! :) :)

2013-06-22_2 2013-07-27

One and only wedding of 2013, amazing wedding!! :) And, in case you missed the post, I've decided to no longer do passion lies in other areas! :)

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This is my mom & dad!! It was a very quick last minute shoot for their Christmas card!! :)

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