I’m a natural light portrait photographer based in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas...but I'm open to travelling!

Pretty much since the age of 9, when I got my very first camera (it was BRIGHT blue and I still have it) I have known I wanted to be a photographer.  There's something so special about being able to freeze time for a very short moment and capture it in a photo.  Being able to capture a moment in people's lives, moments they'll treasure forever, moments they'll be able to pass on to the future generations is so amazing.

I've been surrounded by babies and kids from a young age and they've become one of my favourites to photograph.  Newborns just melt my heart, capturing their tiny little features, that don't stay so little for long...aww, those tiny little toes, kissable lips, squishy cheeks and button noses. So much adorableness. Kids definitely bring the fun factor to my business!

I believe that there is true beauty in each and every person, we were created in the likeness of God after all.  Sometimes it just takes a fresh set of eyes or a different perspective for people to see that beauty within themselves.  My hope is that I can capture you and your lovely memories so you can share them with the future generations! :)