With every session that I shoot my main goal is to make my clients feel comfortable.  I don't do a ton of super posey photos....I prefer natural and unforced photos.

I often have parents with young children telling me how sorry they are their 2 or 3 year old wouldn't sit still.  Honestly, have you ever met a 2 or 3 year that can sit still for more than a minute? LoL! :) It is perfectly normal for me to run around and take a bunch of photos while your kids are being just that, kids! :)  My goal is to capture your munchkins in their element, I'll get down on the ground with them or chase them around (that's after they've become comfortable with me).  Often times those are the best photos...just them being natural, smiling, playing and having fun! :)

Relaxed, natural and fun!  That's my kind of session! :)